5Rhythms® Movement

What are the 5Rhythms®?

Body Moves - 5Rytmerna The 5Rhythms® are a simple dynamic dance and movement meditation that can be done by everyone, no matter age, experience, cardio or movement ability.

To dance the 5Rhythms® is a direct, powerful and creative way to make contact with yourself. There is no choreography or steps to follow.

The 5Rhythms® are designed to bring out your inner dancer. The movement is free, spontaneous, improvised and inspired by the present moment. The invitation is to find your own expression, so the movement can be a direct translation and embodiment of what is alive in you.

It´s a space and an opportunity to find your non-verbal expression and to practice the trust of your body intelligence and wisdom. The 5Rhythms® (Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness) is a experience- based map for whatever you wish to explore, no matter if it’s inner or outer aspects, physical, emotional, mental or existential.

The 5Rhythms® reminds and connects us with the profound power of movement and the fact that everything is constantly changing and transforming.


Who is it for?

Body Moves - Alive in Awareness The dance space is open for everybody no matter age, experience or fitness. In other words, this is for you who have always been dancing and for you who never danced before.

You are welcome as a nervous newbie, eagerly expectant, searching, introvert, sad or happy, however you feel you are invited to put what’s alive in you into motion and give it form and shape through your dance. You use your willingness and experience in the moment as fuel for your dance.

Everything has a movement and is able to be expressed through your body; happiness, resistance, fear, playfulness etc. The 5Rhythms movement invites and reminds us of acceptance of what is, which often is the simplest way to transformation.

Every participant is asked to take responsibility for their own body, dance and limits. Please bring an open mind and a willingness to listen to what wants to move and be expressed. Warmly Welcome!!


First time

Body Moves - Första gången Bring comfortable and light clothing; you will definitely be warm and sweaty.

Most participants dance barefoot, otherwise use comfortable and light indoor shoes.

Please bring a water bottle.

Bring a towel if you would like to take a shower afterwards.

Please remember to not wear strong perfume, many people are allergic. Use a neutral deodorant; we will be a lot of sweaty dancers.

Every participant is expected to take responsibility for there own body, dance and limits. Please bring an open mind and a willingness to listen to what wants to move and be expressed with in you.

Before you attend a dance class or a workshop for the first time, please read the sections What are the 5Rhythms? as well as 5Rhythms step by step. Warmly Welcome!!


5Rhythms® step by step

waveTo move through all of the 5Rhythms® is called to dance a wave.  The 5Rhythms® wave is a cycle where every rhythm and movement quality holds equal importance, they are in constant relation to each other.

To dance the 5Rhythms on a regular basis builds and accumulates an experience based understanding, a presence and a consciousness of yourself and your body that will be easier to access the more you dance. Here is a short description of every rhythm with the purpose to give some understanding of the different movement quality of each rhythm.



Flöde The movement quality to be explored in Flowing has a character of soft, round, circular and continuous movements with no start or ending.

The invitation is to ground yourself, listen to your body and just receive the dance, relax physically so the aliveness in you can find it´s natural flow of movement through your body.



Stackatto The movement quality to be explored in Staccato is characterized by linear sharp shapes and clear expression where every movement has a start and an ending.

The invitation is to find a clear and direct way to embody your dancing experience. In other words to guide your dancing expression outwards, giving it permission to show, be seen and take its place and space through your body and movement.



Kaos The movement quality to be explored in Chaos is the ecstatic dance. A space to give yourself permission to surrender in to the unknown and untamed dance, according to your ability.

The invitation is to use your body, movement, expression and breath to release, free and let go of stress, control and tensions whether it´s physical, emotional or mental.



Lyrik In the Lyrical rhythm the movement qualities to be explored are effortlessness, lightness and simplicity. The invitation is to open up and discover the power that comes from releasing tensions and stress in the chaos dance.

It´s an opportunity to investigate and practice to trust your spontaneous impulses in a relaxed, effortless, alert and present way.



Stillhet The movement quality to be explored in Stillness is the dance of the subtle nuances. The invitation is to listen and embody an integration of your dance experience.

It’s an opportunity to discover and tune in to the finer layers inside yourself. Investigating and finding your own way to surrender to the silent dance of life that is always present and moving.


Participants about the dance

“To me, the movement is a language and when I move I’m the closest to my experience of myself and my surroundings.

Through the dance, especially with the structure of the 5Rhythms, I have found a more direct way to express myself than would be possible with words. The dance can surprise me, transform, deepen and help me to curiously explore.”

“What I get from dancing: Sense of hope that any situation can move and change. Insights about movement, non-movement in my life. A powerful place to work out, dance out issues and emotions from daily life.

Raw joy from experiencing my body being alive. Pride, delight, and surprise in seeing what my body is capable of. An activity that I do to nourish my soul.
Sue, USA

“The dance is deeply purifying to me!”

“First of all, the dance means deep joy and pleasure to me. The dance and specially the 5Rhythms, has been offering a closer contact with that 8-year-old who loved to dance to classical music. The dance is also such a clear indicator of my own presence. The fantastic experience of freedom when I become the dance.”


Participants about Jonas

“To dance is to live and a part of my life is the Monday nights dancing with Jonas. Through playfulness and seriousity, deep diving and butterflies swirls, Jonas is holding the space for the dance and the group in a professional and at the same time warm and personal way.

In a sensible way, Jonas is tuning in to what is moving in the room and with delicate, sometimes almost not noticeable guidings, he is leading us into the dance.

You choose if you follow and how you follow the guidings. It is your dance. And everyone is welcome – the ones that have been dancing for a long time will meet the newcomers and together we will find rhythm and movement through whatever is, has been and is coming.”

“A magical combination of held groundedness and generous allowance of freedom. His long experience and commitment comes through in how he meets the class.

Jonas choice of exercises, explanations, inspirations, and luscious music shows just how wide the 5 Rhythms universe is.

I’ve danced with Jonas for several years, and he still surprises me with new angles, aspects, and articulations of what 5 Rhythms has to offer.”
Sue, USA

“Jonas has a great gift; competence, wisdom and experience of being a teacher. Through his warmth, love and strong intuition he is creating a safe “room” where I have the possibility to naturally sense, explore, let go, deepen, and let myself flow freely in contact with my body and soul.”

“Jonas has a fantastic competence and enthusiasm which he communicates with great love, deep knowledge and engagement. He is able to encourage us dancers to let go of old beliefs of ourselves and how we move.”


Gabrielle Roth

Gabrielle Roth is the creator and the mother of the 5Rhythms.
Read more about Gabrielle Roth here



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A 5Rhythms Wave

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