Here are some creative ways of expression for different senses which inspire me and I would like to share with you.


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Meditative dance frees women from emotional confines of jail

Dancing improves mental health The New Zealand Herald





What you are is simply the ocean which allows every wave of experience to arise and fall.

Waves of fear, grief, pain, weakness, frustration, helplessness, and even heartbreak are not a problem for what you are.

It is all simply the ocean breathing in and out.
In the ocean’s depths, there is a peace beyond understanding.

Jeff Foster

In these funky frenetic times, we need our feet on the ground,
our instinct intact and our intuition in full force.

Gabrielle Roth

Break the strings of “myself ” and “yourself ” from the harp of mind. Start playing tunes of the Heart.

The treasure chest has opened
Both doors are wide apart.
Inside a jewel that glitters
A warm and loving heart.
Connection paths are open
Down to both dancing feet.
Here’s all the space desired
To pump your living beat.

Susan Cohen  

Through art and dance we reclaim our primal heritage and move towards a more embodied future.
Anna Halprin

Even if you don’t know the right steps, you can dance.
And if you can dance, who bothers about the right steps?


There will come a time when you believe everything is finished.
That will be the beginning.

Louis L’ Amour


Links to Friends

Links to work of friends and other sources of inspiration which I warmly recommend:

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Jamie Goodwin who did my website

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