Why Do I Dance by Sue Cohen

January 30, 2016 Mona Edwertz

SueCohen_2015Here are some thoughts on Why Do I Dance or rather why do I dance also at 5 Rhythms events, along with being in the Big Dance going on every second outside of Birkagården’s doors!

Cleaning via Moving. I appreciate the physical, mental, and emotional cleansing effect of dancing 5R. From the embodiment of dancing, I become consciously aware of current mental/emotional burdens, express them, let go of them, and then experience the cleared space and new energy that are uncovered by their passage out of me.

Come as you are. The starting point of the dance at any particular class is my body as it is that day. I may have a stiff knee or a headache and still I am welcome and encouraged to ‘dance from where my body is right now’ and move anyway from the physical status I have at that very moment. There is no overhanging atmosphere of ‘keeping up with the others’ pushing myself to achieve a level of performance that may discourage me from attending if on a particular day I am not in ‘top performance condition’. This means I have learned that movement practice is for every day in my life – there is always a way to move for my body no matter what state my body, heart, soul, or mind is in. Often I am able to use the movement to journey from tensed up to relaxed. Many times I have been amazed at the end of the class – how did the stiff, exhausted troll who started the dance class turn into a free floating butterfly?

Brain as body part. At 5R dance classes, I do not have to learn and remember step combinations in order to feel the flowing sense of dance. That is a fact I truly appreciate after coming from a work environment which has required me to digest large amounts of information, perform analysis and decision making all according to a structured agenda. At the dance class, the emphasis on moving not talking and conscious embodiment. These aspects give encouragement to let all parts of the body come alive and lead the way into the dance – even the brain gets some time off to be a body part and enjoy itself.

Experimenting with Truth. How I move at dance is an experiment in expressing my own ‘raw’ truth. It can awaken feelings of vulnerability which reminds me that the warm, holding world on the dance floor is an environment I cherish…

Many possible channels to use
Act it out
Dance it out
Paint it out
Sing it out
Say it out
Write it out
As long as I get it out

Using these forms, pieces of the puzzle can drop into place
Which one to use depends on access, appeal, and history
Some channels have less scar tissue and so give less resistance.

In this space, I dance my truth with others who encourage, want more & send loving signals back
Learning the true me is welcome wanted wished for whenever
Learning to breathe, relax, and fill my own shoes with me

Such a beautiful alternative reality
And I get there on my own power
No transporter needed!

I’ve collected some more poems born on the dance floor in my book,
Messenger: http://bokmaskinen.se/boktorget/biblioteket/messenger/

Sue Cohen

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