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HEART OF SURRENDER – the Choreography of Chaos

oktober 4, 2024 kl 18:30 - oktober 6, 2025 kl 17:00

5Rhythms® Wave & Heartbeat movement workshops series

with Jonas Klingberg & Karoliina Valontaival

2 Teachers, 2 Possibilities, 2 Workshops, 2 Maps (waves & heartbeat) & 2 Cities

PART 1: 4-6 Oct, Grounded in Self-trust (HELSINKI) Waves/Heartbeat

PART 2: 15-17 nov, Effortless Surrender (STOCKHOLM) Waves/Heartbeat

Life is by nature unpredictable, unchoreographed, and in constant change. Being fully alive calls us to be in relationship with uncertainty and to surrender into the mystery of the now. 

This is a two-part series in Helsinki and Stockholm. On this journey, we will practice the embodied art of letting go with both the physical (Waves) and emotional (Heartbeat) aspects of the 5Rhythms® movement practice. We invite you to join us for the whole journey, but it is possible to sign up for just one workshop.

This collaboration
was born out of inspiration from 10 years of being friends and colleagues. We are curious to explore and unite our teaching skills to invite movers from all over and especially our dancing communities in Finland and Sweden. 

During this journey, we will explore how to mindfully self-regulate, breathe, and stay centered and grounded in the territory of chaos. The aim is to dance towards being comfortable enough with the discomfort of not knowing, and to meet and melt layers of physical and emotional tension with care and gentleness. We’ll dance with the choreography of chaos and unfold our way into the sweet spot of being free, relaxed, present and alive.

In Helsinki
the invitation is to find your center and ground and a sense of safety, from which to practice navigating through uncertainty and chaos. We’ll use dance and breath as tools for discovering inner resources for stability and trust. From this solid ground, you can explore, embody, shape and transform your relationship with the unknown. What gets in the way or hinders you from being able to let go? When do you notice yourself swaying off-center or trying to control or resist? We’ll tune in to the deeper longings and needs of the body, heart, and mind, so we can let go of what is holding us back or no longer serving us.

In Stockholm
we continue into the potent medicine of chaos. Supported by ground and safety we explore the dancing dialogue between paradoxes and polarities. How can we find ways of letting go of the struggle and conflict of opposites: right or wrong, all or nothing? What are the needs of the opposite parts in us? In moving with complexity we practice holding contradictions and multiple perspectives simultaneously, more fully embracing all that we are. How can we unite all these parts into a creative power within us? Effortlessness arises from this deeper alignment with body, mind and heart. Gradually we can let go and find the sweet bliss of effortless surrender. 


oktober 4 kl 18:30
oktober 6, 2025 kl 17:00
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Jonas Klingberg
Karoliina Valontaival